The most common approach for complex procedures such as bronchial, vascular and carinal resections is still the open surgery. The technical difficulties, the steep learning curve and the concerns about performing an oncologic and safe reconstruction in advanced cases, are the main reasons for the low adoption of VATS for sleeve resections.

The sleeve procedures offer benefits of parenchymal preservation and oncologic safety even for patients who can tolerate more extensive resections. However sleeve resections are technically more demanding than pneumonectomy and are more prone to particular complications.

Sleeve procedures are contraindicated when local extension of the tumor requires pneumonectomy as it occurs with involvement of interlobar fissure. The surgeon must identify and avoid reconstructive techniques with risk to develop a severe complication. If the bronchial reconstruction is likely to fail because of the excessive tension or poor anastomotic technique, the result should be carefully evaluated at the end of the procedure, leading to an extensive resection in case of doubt.

Thanks to the recent improvements in thoracoscopy, sleeve resections can be performed without performing thoracotomies. During the last years, experience gained through VATS techniques, design improvements of the surgical instruments and improvements of high definition cameras have greatly contributed to advances in VATS. Most of the authors use 3-4 incisions for thoracoscopic sleeve procedures. However these surgical techniques can be performed through a single 4 cm incision approach by skilled uniportal VATS surgeons. Because its approach is less invasive, the uniportal approach for VATS has emerged as a novel technique, applicable to all large spectrum of pulmonary resections including complex cases and broncho vascular reconstructive procedures.

We consider very important the proper placement of the incision, especially when it is performed by uniportal VATS. Performing the incision at the fourth or fifth intercostal space, more anterior (anterior axillary line), helps to use the needle holder parallel to the hilum, making suturing similar to an open anterior thoracotomy. Using a wound protector is helpful because fatty tissue could interfere with the suture threads.Our preferred method for the anastomosis is to use a running absorbable suture for membranous and cartilaginous portion (Polydioxanone, PDS 3/0) or by using only one prolene 3/0 suture with 2 needles. The running suture makes the thread movement easier, as well as the tying, specially when we use only one suture with 2 needles. We always test the anastomosis under saline water and we only place one chest tube at the end of the operation. For tracheal or carinal resections and reconstructions, the high frequency ventilation jet is our preferred method for ventilation to avoid interference with the anastomosis of the lateral portion of trachea and bronchus.

Our team has the largest experience in the world performing bronchovascular reconstructions by minimally invasive surgery to avoid pneumonectomy in case of central tumors suitable for this technique. We performed the first Uniportal VATS bronchial sleeve lobectomy in the world in 2012 (published in JTCVS), the first VATS double sleeve lobectomy in 2014 (published in ACTS), and first carinal sleeve resection in 2016 (published in JTD)

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